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Trusted Tarot Reading | Daily Oracle Reading | Angel of the Day


Trusted Tarot Reading Personal Tarot Readings by Email

I warmly welcome you to! My objective is to inspire you through the use of Tarot towards a life of deeper personal meaning and spiritual enrichment. Through the use of Tarot I hope you will learn to connect on a deeper level with the energy of the Creator, trust your inner guidance and strengthen the inherent psychic abilities that we have all been gifted with.

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  • Thank you very much for the reading Lina  I feel this is very fitting...I have become more spiritual or in-tune the past few years. I also have been trying to eat healthier, sticking to more natural foods. I have just been thinking the past few days about doing some type of cleanse  Thank you again for the beautiful reading and I will keep in mind what you said! Have a great evening!
    SR Phoenix, AZ
  • Beautiful and very encouraging advice, which I will remember, be mindful of and come back to regularly. Thank you so much, once again. I will make sure to come back and update once things unfold. I know what I have to do now and I am going to start doing it. You  have made me feel so much more positive. 
    HW USA
  • Thanks for the clarification, Lina. I didn't really expect it, but I'm grateful for it, nonetheless. Once again a lovely reading, so full of guidance and goodness. I will follow the cards' advice and love myself before others but still love them. Thank you once more! 
    FA Brazil
  • A wonderful message yet again. thank you very much for your time dear
  • Dear Lina, I have to admit I asked you to draw one card describing the traits of a love interest. I was blown away-everything you said to the last detail was correct. It is time to move on...Thank you for giving me the courage to face what otherwise I could not. Your reading are filled with compassion and good advice. Thank you.  
    MH OK
  • Hi Lina, thank you for the reading! I love your readings!!! You have always been so accurate I am definitely looking forward to meeting her.  Thank you for the read! 
    AP USA
  • I actually have a follow up interview on Thursday I'm hoping this is a good sign:-) Spring time would be about right as its an in house move so my manager can hold me in my current position for up to 6-8 weeks if she really wants to. A shift for the better would be very welcomed!!! Thank you I'll keep you posted in regards to both aspects!
    SC NY
  • Hi Lina, What a read! Thank you for it. Very interesting! I will definitely take your advice about Spirit too. Thanks again for a wonderful read!  I am a repeat customer for sure.
    Andrew S.D
  • Lina, you answered all my questions for sure! The family stress is something that you picked up on and well, you are ON with that! So, I won't try and get all deep with him. Thank you!!! Awesome reading :)
  • Hi, thank you! I am so happy about this. We were once so very close and desperately need to get our dynamic back on track again. This is great news, thanks a lot
    Al Iowa
  • Thank you Lina!  Your reading laid the whole situation out exactly as it was. My intuition told me we wouldn't talk again, and I'm ok with that. He's unhealthy for me. Thank you again!
  • I was surprised that you picked up overseas travel. both business and overseas travel has been coming up a lot in my life lately. it seems both are connected in different ways. thanks for the reading again. it was a powerful read!  
    AW NY
  • Hi Lina Thank you for this. I think you are right about the instability. The situation is fluctuating quite a lot at the moment so I think you definitely picked up on that. It does indeed resonate. Thank you for giving me clarity!
    AD Australia
  • Thank you so much for your reading. I can't tell you enough how much it has resonated with me. You've picked up on so much that has been on my mind lately. You're an amazing reader, with a magical gift. 
    Hannah W
  • Thank you so much, Lina.  I am grateful for the reading. It was pretty spot on. Uncanny even. Thank you again and much blessings,  
    Denise K Ohio
  • Thank you Lina, What a nice reading. I appreciate how well you explain everything for me. I leave the reading with no need to ask questions. I am amazed at how accurate you are. It was a real pleasure.  
    Mary H London
  • Lina, Thank you for this lovely read! It really gave me lots of hope and the impetus to keep going.  
    Katie India
  • Good read! You've got every element absolutely correct. Thank Again Lina!
    Andrew S.D
  • I can sense you are wise in these readings. They are not like the ones I am used to getting. Thanks,  
    Opal AU
  • Your advice open new perspectives in my situation. Thanks for this reading, It makes a lot of sense!  
    Louise Michigan